3 Steps Every Employer Should Follow To Empower A Healthy Workforce

Too often, our own personal health can take a backseat to other responsibilities. Unfortunately, busy work schedules, long doctor’s office wait times, and other factors prevent people from looking after their most important responsibility, their health. It’s up to employers to ensure their employees can prioritize their wellbeing, which is why it’s vital to offer healthcare solutions that can meet their workforce’s every need.

Ken Garff Automotive Group, an auto dealer group based in Salt Lake City, has always prided itself on putting its people first and knew its healthcare solution needed to match that sentiment. With rising healthcare costs and increasing medical needs from its employees, Ken Garff needed a partner to help empower its workforce to put their health first. The automotive group, with more than 3,000 employees, set out to accomplish this in three specific ways: creating convenient access to care, considering employees’ unique healthcare needs, and engaging employees to take advantage of the solutions offered to them.

1. Create convenient access

Virtual care, at its core, allows employees to take control of their health and access care when and where it is most convenient for them. It offers greater flexibility for a busy workforce, as employees are able to complete regular doctor’s visits without taking time from work – a frequent barrier for many seeking care. In fact, many individuals allow medical issues to go unchecked due to busy schedules, which can sometimes lead to an unplanned, costly urgent care visit or contribute to other adverse health events.

But employees shouldn’t wait for problems to arise to seek care. By partnering with Teladoc Health for general medical or virtual urgent care, 56% of Ken Garff employees who otherwise would have gone to urgent care were able to get their needs met quickly and effectively with a virtual telehealth appointment. Members who leveraged virtual care experienced an average medical response time of just 23 minutes, compared to typical hour-long waits at an urgent care.

Virtual care is an effective way to help employees manage their health with preventative screenings and general wellness tips to improve overall health outcomes, all on their own schedule. By providing employees access to care that is flexible to their health needs and lifestyles, employers can empower their workforces to keep wellness top of mind and create long-lasting healthy habits.

2. Understand employees’ specific needs

To achieve successful engagement in any healthcare plan, employers must be keenly aware of what their employees need and offer services that are most relevant to them. Ken Garff initially partnered with Teladoc Health for urgent care, but after noticing increased claims around diabetes-related diagnoses and comorbities, the company decided to expand their current program to include Teladoc Health’s Diabetes Management Solution.

Managing chronic conditions, like diabetes, can seem like a daunting task, and knowing you’re not alone can make all the difference. Conditions like diabetes require consistent and comprehensive care. Teladoc Health’s Diabetes Management offered Ken Garff employees a digital solution that fits into their everyday life and includes one-on-one coaching, personalized care plans, and 24/7 emergency support for out-of-range readings.

Teladoc Health also provides Ken Garff employees easy-to-use medical devices, like connected blood glucose meters, which play a major factor in diabetes management. By offering employees the correct tools, they were able to achieve sustained health improvements, seeing a 1.7% average reduction in A1C (an important metric to measure blood sugar), a powerful indication of what a comprehensive and engaging program can achieve.

Ken Garff employees embraced Teladoc Health’s Diabetes Management solution, with 91% engagement in diabetes program device monitoring. “When I have a less than perfect result, [Teladoc Health] gives me real-time suggestions on next steps,” said a Ken Garff employee. “It has made me much more confident in my ability to manage my diabetes.”

With the integrated support from a dedicated care team and improved access to quality care, employees no longer feel alone when managing a chronic condition.

3. Engage your employees

Any new program or solution requires strong employee education and awareness to ensure adequate engagement, and that couldn’t be truer for all the new benefits offered to Ken Garff employees. To optimize awareness and engagement, Teladoc Health and Ken Garff partnered on a marketing strategy to optimize employee participation. Advertisements on the “Garff TV” in the break rooms and email communications to all staff provided education on health benefits and how to optimize their use of benefits in order to start seeing results.

Positive employee experiences began to sweep through the company and upon seeing success in reaching health goals, Ken Garff employees gave Teladoc Health a Net Promotor Score of +81. Employee satisfaction led to increased engagement rates as well, with 35.9% utilization of urgent care services. Employees were not the only ones satisfied. Ken Garff saw $400K savings in Urgent care services claims in 2022.

“We feel like we’re getting the most bang for or buck with these services,” said Benefits Manager Anessa Wilkin. “Virtual care was a crucial addition to our benefits offering because we wanted the best of the best for our employees and their loved ones.”

The program in place at Ken Garff is a perfect example of how an integrated healthcare experience allows employees to approach and manage their health more holistically. Employers have a growing responsibility to ensure all their employees are able to successfully receive care, and going the extra mile to ensure there are no barriers to entry creates a happier, healthier workforce.


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