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Algorithmic Guided Appeals and Denial Letters

FRISCO, Texas, April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Aerolib Healthcare Solutions has launched the Aerolib Denials and Appeals Portal. The Tool enables hospitals with an Appeal Strength score and autogenerating an email and print ready Appeal letter in response to a denial. Hospitals are facing an increasing burden of denials for medical necessity. The Aerolib tool provides a prescreening score and appeal strength score with recommendations for appeals. Preview Appeal button will autogenerate the Appeal letter. This is the power of the management tool where it writes an appeal letter with clinical information and medico-legal discussion of why this case should be appealed with the justification and strength of appeal.

The Aerolib Denials and Appeals Management software uses Aerolib AI algorithm to predict postoperative complications and readmissions with multiple risk factors that have been analyzed using simple logistic regression and multivariate logistic regression. The Aerolib Tool has a Charts section for easy visibility on the number of cases reviewed, appeals written and appeals sent with the history section showing the appeal strength scores. Aerolib has included the Inpatient Only Surgery Lookup tool, Calculators for evidence-based clinical medicine, Decision Trees and Algorithms for documentation improvement in the portal.

The Aerolib Tool has multiple templates available to assist in surgical and medical appeal letters. Watch us in action with the process for algorithmic guided physician recommendations.

Aerolib Healthcare System has the Aerolib Ecosystem with a mission to empower healthcare organizations in achieving excellent patient care outcomes and regulatory compliance through financial planning, decision support and continuous clinical improvement. Aerolib is the only company to provide a scalable and expandable utilization review app that contains all aspects of utilization review from Case reviews, Microlearning education, Clinical decision support, Algorithms, Inpatient only Surgery look-up tool and TeleUR. The Aerolib Physician Advisors app provides the perfect combination of services and technology to streamline the utilization review process in one place with a ready to serve 1 Click UR process whereby the hospital can talk to an Aerolib provider for real time reviews and clarifications.

Aerolib’s analytics process assists healthcare institutions with developing new strategies to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance, provides new skills to participating healthcare providers, and provides information to the case management and utilization teams for the purpose of developing a patient centered approach to total quality management. Determining an audit risk score using the proprietary Aerolib Analytics Summary assists with determining individual case features. Aerolib has determined that inadequate documentation in patient history, physical examination, discharge summary, and daily progress notes can increase the risk score significantly. Aerolib performs intergroup and intra-encounter case auditing for medical necessity.

Aerolib Medical Necessity Advisors are Experts in Utilization Review for Medical Necessity, Audits & Denials.

AEROLIB comprises of Aerolib Healthcare Solutions LLC, Aerolib Ventures LLC and Aerolib Insights LLC

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