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Christopher Rand, CEO

AngelEye Health, a HIPAAcompliant patient engagement technology platform, has achieved a high level of partner satisfaction with a consistent focus on facilitating familycentered care. By allowing parents to proactively engage in their child’s care in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) and integrate with the care team, the solution enhances patient outcomes while streamlining care delivery workflows.

By collecting feedback from its 150 hospital partners, it gains a deeper understanding of the problems NICU care teams encounter, ranging from technology issues to preparing families for their infant’s discharge. This is part of the parental engagement AngelEye facilitates for hospitals, which has allowed the company to maintain an industry leading partner retention rate since it was founded.

Christopher Rand, CEO of AngelEye Health, says, “We have an interesting mix of technology specialists and clinicians. Our staff includes software developers, project managers, and clinicians with years of NICU experience. These clinicians work directly with our tech team to develop and support our products.”

The four main components of AngelEye’s platform are the CameraSystem™, MilkTracker™, OnlineEducation™, and PatientConnect™. Parents can access the platform through an app and log in from anywhere to watch a live stream of their baby in the NICU. This service is vital for parents who don’t live within easy driving distance of the NICU, who need to return to work, or who are otherwise unable to be in the NICU with their baby around the clock.

Parents can watch live videos of their infants anytime via the CameraSystem, which helps reduce their anxiety and enables them to bond with their children. While family members log on to the platform, they can also see photos, recorded videos, and text updates from hospital staff.

The care team in the NICU can assign educational content to families through PDFs or videos, which include information on a range of topics, such as safe sleep, car seat safety, and anything else parents need to know to take care of their babies after discharge.

“Discharging neonates out of the NICU is a challenging and fairly cumbersome process,” Rand says. “Our platform enables the care team to engage the family, communicate with them regularly, and drive them toward an earlier discharge, which benefits everyone involved.”

AngelEye’s end-to-end feeding management solution, MilkTracker, allows mothers to log the amount of milk pumped at home and communicate with the lactation consultant at the hospital. There are more than 280 potential error points in the feeding process for a neonate, and documenting every detail in the EHR is crucial to avoid errors and reduce donor milk costs. By seamlessly integrating with the EHR and facilitating automated data flow, MilkTracker allows care teams to document everything about the feeding process, making it safer and more engaging for parents while driving down feeding-related errors.

One example of how AngelEye solves pain points for its partners is the success story of University Health San Antonio (UHSA), a nationally recognized teaching hospital in partnership with the University of Texas Health Science Center.

Our platform enables the care team to engage the family, communicate with them regularly, and drive them toward an earlier discharge, which benefits everyone involved

In 2015, AngelEye installed ten live streaming cameras in the hospital’s NICU, empowering the staff to better connect with parents. However, the care team needed help educating families on how to use the technology. In addition, only 20 percent of parents with babies in the NICU could watch a live stream of their baby at a time since the NICU has 50 beds and only ten cameras.

To resolve these issues, AngelEye clinicians performed an onsite assessment at UHSA. They developed a customized relaunch plan that included specific recommendations for re-educating staff with resources and improving family communication and education. Next, AngelEye replaced its original cameras with updated ones and increased the overall number of cameras.

This level of customer service ensures that AngelEye will continue to keep its current partners happy and attract even more hospitals in the upcoming years. The team’s dedication to developing innovative patient and family engagement technologies makes it stand out among its competitors.


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