Brillio and Google Team on AI Finance and Healthcare Solutions

Brillio is working with Google Cloud to help healthcare and finance companies use artificial intelligence (AI).

The New Jersey digital technology company announced the collaboration Tuesday (Aug. 8), saying it would also launch new consulting services to help businesses make the most of AI.

“Brillio’s generative AI solutions, powered by Google Cloud’s Vertex AI, will enable financial services organizations to interpret loan applications, empower call center executives, provide investment advice, and summarize portfolios more effectively,” Brillio said in a news release. 

Healthcare companies, meanwhile, will get the ability to accelerate medical coding, prior authorization, claims processing, and regulatory and compliance documentation for clinical trials, the release added. 

Brillio is also building an “industry-agnostic, hyper-personalized intelligent search solution using Google Cloud” to offer patients and providers online self-service access to a wide range of benefits, claims, payments, and other health-related information, while also improving call center operations.

Recent weeks have seen a number of examples of companies using AI to make advances in both the health and finance fields.

“What industry does artificial intelligence have the potential to transform most?” PYMNTS wrote last month. “For many observers, healthcare is the obvious answer.”

Healthcare, that report noted, is a “fragmented industry riddled with legacy manual processes,” where professionals find themselves buried in paperwork and hoping for the industry to speed up its digitization efforts.

With that in mind, there’s a wealth of opportunity for AI models “to create a connected, ambient patient environment that streamlines healthcare’s increasingly complex and sprawling administrative workflows.”

Among the recent initiatives in this space is Amazon’s launch last month of AWS HealthScribe, an AI for healthcare solution that leverages speech recognition and generative AI to generate clinical documentation, saving clinicians time summarizing patient visits.

Meanwhile, Google Cloud and Mayo Clinic are collaborating to use generative AI in healthcare by providing solutions that let clinicians and researchers find information in a way that is quick, seamless and conversational.

On the financial front, PYMNTS reported Wednesday that SoFi Technologies has integrated Galileo Financial Technologies’ conversational AI engine into its app.

The intelligent digital assistant (IDA), Cyberbank Konecta, has increased satisfaction among SoFi’s personal finance customers, improved response time by 65%, and given agents more time to solve more complex and higher-touch problems, the companies said.

Designed for banks, credit unions, FinTechs and non-financial brands, Cyberbank Konecta offers a human-like experience that prevents the friction seen with legacy chatbots.


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