Cantata Health Delivers RCM Solution for ClearSky Health in Three Months

Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health’s commitment to delivering an effective billing system within our timeline and budget is refreshing.

Cantata Health Solutions successfully implemented its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution for ClearSky Health. Working closely with Clearsky every step of the way, Cantata completed all aspects of the system in just three months. The new solution not only meets all in-patient Medicare Part B requirements – but also provides enterprise-level reporting across multiple facilities and complete control to configure custom business processes.

“We are delighted to be building a trusted relationship with a technology vendor whose actions match their words,” said Bonnie Cushman, VP of Corporate & Hospital Finance at ClearSky Health. “Cantata Health’s commitment to delivering an effective billing system within our timeline and budget is refreshing.”

The new RCM solution provides ClearSky Health with innovative tools to maximize patient collections while simplifying the revenue cycle process. With this system in place, ClearSky Health can continue to streamline operations by automating manual processes such as billing and payment processing. These optimizations will ultimately reduce costs associated with claims denials, administrative burdens, and other tedious tasks.

“Our group has a long history and deep knowledge to help health organizations achieve their goals and missions using technology,” commented Alan Tillinghast, CEO of Cantata Health Solutions. “Our RCM solution is a great fit for organizations looking for new ways to optimize revenue and is a key component of our comprehensive next-generation EHR and Practice management platform.”

Cantata Health’s RCM solution offers a range of key benefits for healthcare organizations seeking to optimize their financial processes. By streamlining workflows and ensuring compliance with in-patient Medicare Part B requirements, the system helps organizations maximize reimbursements and minimize denials. Additionally, the RCM solution provides real-time reporting across multiple facilities, enabling centralized monitoring and informed decision-making. The flexibility to configure custom business processes allows organizations to tailor the solution to their unique needs, resulting in improved operational efficiency and enhanced patient satisfaction. With Cantata Health’s RCM solution, healthcare providers can experience a more effective and profitable revenue cycle management experience.

ClearSky Health is confident that this partnership will help them achieve their goals faster than ever before. As Cushman noted: “Cantata Health’s expertise in providing tailored solutions has enabled us to reach our objectives quickly and securely.”

Cantata Health is proud to have delivered an effective RCM solution for ClearSky Health within three months.

About ClearSky Health

ClearSky Health is a premier rehabilitative healthcare provider that collaborates with healthcare providers to improve, expand, or introduce rehabilitative services to the communities they serve. Its management team has rehabilitative services design, development, implementation, and operations expertise. ClearSky Health owns and operates six rehabilitation hospitals in Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, and New Mexico, with nine more in planning stages across the nation in Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and additional Texas locations. More information is available at

About Cantata Health Solutions

Cantata Health Solutions is a top provider of healthcare management solutions working in partnership with public sector and private non-profit and for-profit healthcare organizations. Cantata’s Enterprise Health Management (EHM) solution meets the unique needs of each facility or healthcare system, providing greater client engagement across the continuum of care, improving operational and clinical efficiency, and ensuring predictable financial outcomes through enhanced revenue recovery. Cantata’s team of experts provides exceptionally attentive service and support. For more information about Cantata Health Solutions, visit:

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