Construction Solutions for Healthcare Facilities from Sika

Hospital and healthcare facilities have a complex set of requirements to be met. The building will contain various systems, for which, security and water tightness are extremely important, while still wanting to create a hygienic and comfortable interior environment for patients, staff and visitors. Sika fully understands the design, construction and maintenance needs of such facilities.

Sika solutions offer optimum protection and hygiene with aesthetics in mind both in exterior and interior elements that is also cost-effective, energy efficient and long lasting. Sika provides a single source of solutions with fully integrated and compatible products and systems for both new construction and renovation or repairs of hospitals, clinics, medical centers and other healthcare facilities. Sika solutions are designed and proven to be energy-efficient, highly reliable and sustainable – as measured by full life cycle cost evaluations.


Flooring Solutions Generic floor solutions generally have lots of joints, requiring well designed details.
  • Sikafloor® and Sika® ComfortFloor®
Solution with no welded joints, fully seamless, eliminating bacterial growth. Odorless with a variety of choices for color, finishes and textures.
Wall Finishes and Hygienic Coatings Walls and columns in hospitals generally have the same requirements as floors.
Hygienic wall coating, no welded joints, fully seamless, eliminating bacterial growth. Odorless with variety of choices in colors that can be matched to floor.
Roof Waterproofing Requires long lasting, watertight system that is durable.
  • Sarnafil® and Sikaplan®
High quality, long-lasting polymeric membrane.
Liquid applied membranes.
Sealing and Bonding of Glazed Facades The need for a well sealed and aesthetically pleasing facade.
Low-modulus joint sealants for watertight sealing of metal or glazed facades.
Polyurethane foam that is highly expansive, used to fill and seal gaps between the building and window frame.
Flexible flashing tapes creates raintight and airtight seals around openings.
Silicone sealant for glass curtain.
Sealant for structural glazing.
Architectural and Structural Concrete Elements Creating aesthetic and flexible concrete facade designs.
Used for Self Compacting Concrete (SCC).
Used for colored concrete.
Used for architecural concrete and fine surfaces.
Used to protect and seal architecural concrete and fine surfaces.
Impregnating corrosion inhibitor, applied to the surface of concrete.
  • SikaHyflex® and Sikaflex®
Elastic joint sealer, creating watertight seal on masonry and concrete facade joints.
For concrete repair, a mortar solution to cover and protect exposed steel from corrosion, concrete patch repairs, concrete levelling.
Joint Sealing Joints in buildings are most likely the be the weakest and most prone to leakage.
  • Sika offers sealants for a variety of materials which meet local regulations and green building requirements. Both interior sealant and a waterproof joint sealant for exterior joints.
Below-Grade Waterproofing and Sealing To ensure a durable structure, basement sections need to be well waterproofed.
Flexible, compartmentalized membrane, with injection back-up and integrated control.
Flexible, pre- and post-applied, fully bonded sheet membrane.
PU/PUREA based liquid applied membrane systems.
  • SikaSwell®, Sika Waterbar® and SikaFuko®
Rigid waterproofing system, comprised of waterproof concrete and Sika admixtures and joint waterproofing solutions.
  • SikaTop® and Sika MonoTop®
For repairs, a mortar solution to cover and protect exposed steel from corrosion, concrete patch repairs, concrete levelling.
Bitumen based coating to be combined with Sika waterproofing system.
Bituminous membrane to be combined with Sika waterproofing system.
Firestop Systems Complex systems within hospitals can be fire hazards with multiple wall penetrations creating dangerous fire passages.
  • Sika Passive Fire Protection


Additional Services

Sika is present locally in more than 100 countries, which allows them to bring their customers and their clients not only a proven range of products but additional services, such as wind load calculations, application training, CAD details, BIM objects and technical consultations, guarantees, etc. Sika is the only full-range materials supplier for materials used in concrete production, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, sealing, bonding, grouting, reinforcing, concrete repair and protection, structural glazing and more, for all types of buildings and civil engineer structures.


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