Doctors to Help with Doctor Recruitment

Doctors already living and working in the province will now play a lead role in convincing other doctors to practice in Nova Scotia.

Six doctors will serve as MD recruitment leads, participating in site visits and meeting with potential candidates to share their experiences of living and working here.

“Doctors are a great asset in the process to recruit doctors, and these new positions will give them the time to do just that,” said Brian Comer, Minister responsible for the Office of Addictions and Mental Health, on behalf of Health and Wellness Minister Michelle Thompson, Minister responsible for the Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment. “Not only can they talk about what it is like to live in the community, they can talk about what it is like to work there.”

In addition to patient care, the MD recruitment leads will bring a clinical perspective to the local recruitment process, working with community organizations, Nova Scotia Health’s recruitment team and the Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment. They will play a key role in helping new doctors set up practice and serve as a resource for them as they establish themselves in their new community.

The initiative – with one doctor each in the central, western and eastern health zones and three job-sharing the position in Northern Zone – will cost about $376,000 in 2022-23.

The MD recruitment leads are:

  • Dr. Ade Akindele, Central Zone
  • Dr. Michelle Dow, Western Zone
  • Dr. Meaghan Keating, Eastern Zone
  • Dr. Justin Blaauwendraat, Dr. Janneke Gradstein and Dr. Brad MacDougall, Northern Zone.

Recruiting more doctors and other health professionals is one of six solutions in Action for Health, the government’s strategic plan to improve healthcare in Nova Scotia.

Last week, the government also announced a community fund that will provide up to $100,000 to community groups and municipalities for projects to help recruit and retain healthcare professionals. Applications must be received by December 19.


We have learned that the most effective recruitment conversations happen when you connect new physicians with doctors who are passionate about their work and their communities. It’s such a smart move to integrate community-based, regional physicians into Nova Scotia Health recruitment. We’ve been working hard to make this happen, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team.
Dr. Janneke Gradstein, MD Recruitment Lead, Northern Zone

We have benefited greatly from having physicians involved in recruitment. Our physician community has first-hand experience to share about working in our province and they work well with our recruitment team and community partners to ensure we match new physicians to communities and retain them into the future. It’s great to have this dedicated support to add to our recruitment team.
Dr. Nicole Boutilier, Vice-President of Medicine, Nova Scotia Health, and co-lead, Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment



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