Electronic Caregiver launches breakthrough new virtual care solution for chronic disease management

LAS CRUCES, N.M., Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Telehealth is the big buzz, but does it really work? CEO of SameDay Security, Inc., known as Electronic Caregiver says there are problems with utilization and scale. “If helping 10 million patients manage a chronic illness requires hundreds of thousands of people video chatting in a call center, you’ve missed the concept of virtual care,” Anthony Dohrmann said. “Another problem in the smart watch and tablet interface world is utilization. After 35 years in the industry, we’ve learned aging, medicated and struggling individuals with a chronic illness don’t reliably thumb through icons and apps on tiny screens or even tablets. They’re reluctant to begin using the solution and if they do, utilization tapers off after the first week,” Dohrmann said.

Non-adherence, or failure to comply with a treatment plan, such as taking medications on time, is responsible for 50 percent of all treatment failures, a cost to the United States of up to $300 billion per year. If a solution does not get used, Electronic Caregiver management asks, what’s the point? With 145 million Americans living with a chronic illness, it is reported 67 percent of patients do not comply with their prescribed treatment plan. 

SameDay Security, Inc., provides automated home health care management with its Electronic Caregiver Premier. It is a nationwide system monitored 24/7 by the industry’s leading professionals. A mini controller is provided to the client and programmed for care plan instructions for the user. The mini controller is programmed to check on user activity, in the morning and evening hours, and is personalized with medication and medical test reminders for the client’s individual treatment plan. The system uses voice instructions, connects to 24/7 emergency response, and a trademarked service called pocketMD, providing 24/7 physician-on-demand for unlimited consultations at the push of a button. Electronic Caregiver Premier also comes with caregiver apps for Android and iOS devices where important notifications can be sent regarding appointments, food recalls, extreme weather alerts and more. Caregivers can also use the app to check in on the whereabouts of the system. Electronic Caregiver Premier also comes with a super lightweight, discreet wrist pendant for emergencies. It never needs to be recharged, is submersible, and clients have demonstrated they typically do not take it off while resting or bathing, therefore they have the protection they need during emergencies or concerns. 

In February 2019, Electronic Caregiver is launching their Pro Health system. Pro Health is a system that offers virtually all the features of the Premier, but connects easily without opening apps or tapping icons, to Bluetooth biometric devices, for critical health monitoring and trend observations. For instance, if a diabetic with high blood pressure and a weight management program has Electronic Caregiver, the system can remind them to stand upon the weight scale, check blood pressure or check blood sugar levels at designated intervals. The voice enabled system flashes, annunciates there is a message to the user, with instructions of what task it is time to undergo. For a respiratory patient, a pulse oximetry device is provided. If it is time to check blood oxygen saturation levels Pro Health annunciates to the user, and they simply clip a device to their finger. The system responds automatically, announces the reading, and stores it in a clinical interface for professional or family caregivers. 

“There is no more user-friendly system on the market today,” Vincent Melendez, Head of Business Development at Electronic Caregiver, said. “It’s like having a live caregiver standing there providing a simple instruction without having to work with complicated technology. We can even set alerts so if certain vital readings are too high or low, we can get a message to providers or responsible parties. Our clients say the experience is a welcome relief and a joy to use.” 

SameDay Security, Inc., has invested in tens of millions of dollars in research and development working with thousands of aging and ill individuals and their caregivers across America. Their clinical research program over 8 years involved collaborating with hundreds of health and senior service providers. In January, at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company debuted both the Electronic Caregiver Pro Health and the coming Addison Care system. Addison Care provides some touch screens throughout the house that host scenes with an embedded, fully interactive, virtual caregiver named Addison. She carries on two-way conversations, demonstrates your care plan and rehab routines, conducts in-home checkups, and can even assess a person’s risk of falling using Artificial Intelligence, state-of-the-art sensing technology, and the user does not have to wear anything additional, and there is nothing to recharge or maintain. 

The ProHealth system is available for 24/7 care, today. At just over $3 per day, it is the most comprehensive health monitoring solution in the market today. Affordable, easy to use, and Pro Health never sleeps, never forgets, and provides not only security and peace of mind, but the convenience of being able to skip the urgent care for common health conditions and reach a physician who can often call a prescription in, all without leaving the comfort of home. Electronic Caregiver’s goals are to reduce hospitalization, extend functional lifespan, improve health outcomes, promote adherence, and help people live more comfortably and independently in the home they know and love.  Electronic Caregiver solutions are offered by leading private duty home care companies across the United States. Learn more at www.electroniccaregiver.com.

About SameDay Security, Inc.

SameDay Security (SDS) is one of the fastest growing monitored technology providers in the U.S. and one of only a handful of nationwide service providers. Known as Electronic Caregiver (trademark) and founded in 2009, SDS currently provides automated home care solutions and safety devices nationwide to thousands of clients. SDS has developing contracts with hundreds of home care partners across America who participate in marketing Electronic Caregiver to their clients. Electronic Caregivers works to provide positive impact on patient outcomes, cost reduction, lower hospitalization, chronic disease management and long-term care. The company occupies 20,000 square feet of space for innovation, customer service, dealer support and accounting, with 4,500 square feet of warehousing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The tallest building in the city hosts their sign at the top and the company employs nearly 100 employees and partners with Rapid Response Monitoring Service, who provides emergency response service to over 1.5 million customers. 800-Alarm-55 

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