Expansion of free childcare a step in the right direction

Andreea Nica

In our modern society, middle-class, dual-income families remain challenged with the decision of whether one parent quits their career to stay home with children. While the childcare debate commonly focuses on the most financially vulnerable parents, New Mexico is doing its part to change the archaic system perpetuating social injustices and financial instabilities that trickle down.

Macro-level policies around paid family leave, universal and affordable daycare, and family-friendly workplaces have long been social fights, and New Mexico is solving one piece of the puzzle. Yet social progress is hindered on a micro, interpersonal level.

A first-time mother, I have seen the social ideals of middle-class parenthood being reinforced and maintained through toxic positivity, silencing and public shaming. These, along with the maternity healthcare system and childcare labor market, reproduce a societal problem that is socially masked — an issue especially because people crave emotional intimacy in the throes of isolating experiences like parenthood.


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