From Roommates to Global Changemakers: Leone Solutions Group Launches CLEONA

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2023 / Leone Solutions Group (LSG) transcends the narrative of merely being a consulting and technology firm; it’s a living testament to resilience, born from personal hardships and the relentless fight against systemic inequality and discrimination. Co-founders Ashley Bratton and Sacha Taylor, both Georgetown University alumni, have harnessed the energy of their own struggles to embark on an inspiring mission that has catalyzed remarkable global impact. LSG’s collaborative efforts with domestic and international organizations have, to date, impacted over 12.7 million lives, ushering in a new era of safer, more informed, and equitable communities. LSG’s Pre Seed funding launch for CLEONA ushers in the next phase of impact and innovation for this pioneering force.

Photo Credit: Zohra Banon

Photo Credit: Zohra Banon

LSG’s origin can be traced back to Ashley and Sacha’s struggles with discrimination, beginning in their early years and persisting throughout their academic and adult lives. Their joint battle against housing and hotel discrimination, resulting in a five year lawsuit, ignited their unwavering commitment to forging a more just society. Encounters with maternal healthcare and employment disparities in adulthood further exposed the intricate web of systemic inequality and discrimination.

Ashley and Sacha’s experience in top consulting firms honed their strategy, compliance, and technology expertise. Yet, they spotted a crucial industry gap: many projects failed to aid the neediest communities, with profit-driven companies neglecting innovations for vulnerable populations. Fueled by their unwavering commitment to positive change, they founded LSG-a unique consulting and technology firm. LSG doesn’t just pursue profit; it aims to boost life expectancy and elevate the quality of life for all. This created the world’s first consulting and technology firm dedicated to this mission.

LSG is a transformative consulting and technology powerhouse with an unwavering commitment to social impact. Their diverse clientele spans government agencies, corporations, public institutions, and international organizations including the City of Santa Monica, the Asia Society, and the City of Washington DC. They’ve led efforts in racial equity action plans, Vision Zero initiatives to eliminate traffic fatalities, and contributed significantly to a 6-week Kennedy Center exhibition on climate change. Central to LSG’s mission is CLEONA, a groundbreaking AI-driven venture revolutionizing maternal care.

CLEONA: Revolutionizing Maternal Care with Advanced AI

CLEONA is an AI-powered tool engineered to transform maternal health. By harnessing global maternal health expertise, CLEONA delivers highly personalized recommendations, dismantling disparities and preserving lives. CLEONA’s unified technology ecosystem seamlessly integrates with prevalent maternal apps and medical systems to save lives by redefining prenatal and postpartum support, ensuring real-time access to critical health data and swift interventions. It’s more than a solution; it’s an essential lifeline for women.

Ashley Bratton, Co-Founder of Leone Solutions Group, asserted, “Maternal health rates in the US are not acceptable! CLEONA is our robust response to this urgent situation. Our AI-driven tool isn’t just a solution; it’s a vital lifeline that will make an impact at scale. We are wholeheartedly committed to reversing the statistics, ensuring every woman receives the care and support she rightfully deserves.”

Leone Solutions Group is not only confronting the maternal health crisis head-on but also championing equity and social impact across sectors. “Almost two decades after our days at Georgetown, our vision has come to life in LSG,” said Sacha Taylor, co-founder of LSG. “This Pre Seed funding round launch is more than a business milestone; it’s the realization of a dream that began in our college dorm room. Together, we can make meaningful, lasting change.” Leone Solutions Group is on a transformative journey, guided by the belief that technology can be a powerful force for positive change.

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About Leone Solutions Group (LSG):

Leone Solutions Group (LSG) is a global consulting and technology firm committed to advancing positive societal change. Founded by Ashley Bratton and Sacha Taylor, LSG’s mission is to increase life expectancy, improve the quality of life, and promote sustainable and inclusive growth for organizations in the private, public, and social sectors. With a strong focus on strategy, technology, and advocacy, LSG tackles complex problems by combining bold strategies with transformative technologies. The firm’s diverse clientele includes government agencies, private corporations, public institutions, and international organizations.


CLEONA is a groundbreaking venture by Leone Solutions Group, leveraging advanced AI to revolutionize maternal care. This innovative tool delivers highly personalized recommendations, addressing maternal health disparities and saving lives worldwide. CLEONA’s technology seamlessly integrates with existing maternal health solutions, providing real-time access to critical health data and swift interventions. CLEONA represents LSG’s commitment to positive social impact and empowering expectant mothers with comprehensive care and support.

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