Let’s not be fooled by the oil and gas industry

Carrie Hamblen

As we approach next week’s special session of the state legislature, I have been thinking a great deal about how to provide relief to hardworking New Mexicans who are paying more at the pump, while creating long-term solutions for transitioning our economy away from our boom-and-bust dependence on oil and gas. Like many of us, I’ve been closely following the senseless invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin — a war that among other issues includes oil and gas.

Unfortunately, the oil and gas industry and their allies have been using the invasion of Ukraine to advance misleading, “drill more” rhetoric that provides no tangible steps to provide sustainable relief or solutions for New Mexicans.

To be sure, gasoline prices are hitting our wallets right now and it hurts. But let’s not be fooled that it is the oil and gas companies that need some sort of “relief” right now from state and federal policies in order to increase production.  


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