ROI Healthcare Solutions Provides the Returns Healthcare Organizations Want

In these days of tightened payments and higher costs, organizations need to “do more with less” by finding better prices for their purchases while maximizing reimbursements—and above all, by making sure that technology improves ROI, according to Jeff Tennant, EVP of Healthcare IT Strategy & Services at ROI Healthcare Solutions.  Tennant and his colleagues sat down with Healthcare IT Today to share how ROI (Return on Investment) is core to the culture of the work they do with healthcare organizations.

In this interview, Diana Van Blaricom, VP of ERP Strategy, emphasizes the waste created by IT system licenses that are still being paid for but are no longer being used, or used rarely. Plus, organizations sometimes spend millions to create new systems that incorporate a “dead process” and therefore don’t see user adoption.

ROI Healthcare Solutions has been optimizing processes and guiding transformations at health care organizations for 24 years. They now operate in 34 U.S. states and 9 countries. The healthcare systems in many countries are just starting their digital transformation, according to Melissa Ursi, COO of ROI Healthcare Solutions and Managing Partner at ROI International.

Although their first focus is on revenue, through goals such as quicker and more accurate billing, Ursi emphasizes that the goal ultimately has to be improved patient care. ROI Healthcare Solutions works closely with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, EHRs, and the systems that connect to them.

Watch this video for more insights into maximizing the efficiency and usefulness of IT systems in health care.

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